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Oct 24, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, grace is different now. eben alexander is a harvard neurosurgeon who nearly died four years ago when a ferocious e. coli meningitis infection attacked his brain and plunged him deep into a coma for a week. brain scans showed that all of the parts of his brain that make us conscious, thought, memory and understanding, were not functioning. >> they should be a very rich network of them all through both sides, and yet we don't really see that because they're all filled with thoughts. >> reporter: doctors gave him up for dead, but after a week, eben alexander awoke, he says, with a wondrous memory. did you go to heaven? >> yes. i was rescued by this beautiful spinning white light that had a melody, indescribably beautiful melody with it that opened up into a bright valley. >> reporter: god was there, he says, as a vast presence of love, and eben says there was a young woman who soared across heaven with him on a butterfly wing and who gave him a message to take back. >> the concepts came straight into my mind. "you are loved. you are cherished. there's nothing you have to fear. there's n
Oct 25, 2012 7:00am PDT
. eben alexander almost died four years ago. now, he has his book, "proof of heaven." >> reporter: eben alexander is a healthy, 58-year-old harvard-trained neurosurgeon. an expert of science. did you go to heaven? >> yes. >> reporter: four years ago, alexander nearly died from a massive brain infection that plunged him into a coma and shut down nearly his entire mind. he was barely alive in this world. but he says he journeyed elsewhere. >> i was rescued by this beautiful, spinning white light that had a melody. indescribable beautiful melody, that opened up in a bright valley. >> reporter: he says god was there, and a vast presence of infinite love. he met a young woman, he says, his guide as they soared on a butterfly wing. and she gave him a message from heaven. >> you are loved. you are cherished. there's nothing you have to fear. there's nothing you can do wrong. >> reporter: a lot of people are going to say, doctor, it was a hallucination. >> i know this was not a hallucination. not a dream. not what we call a confabulation. i know that it really occurred. and i know it occurred o
May 1, 2015 6:00am EDT
. eben: absolutely. it is physical, and in hockey you usually see that from the team that is not as talented they get more physical. the game last night was fantastic as well. hard to deny alexander -- tom: when do they go to las vegas with the franchise? eben: they are currently looking at it. questions on how viable that market is, especially -- bill: how about the clippers' first game and the pictures of steve ballmer's face were incredible? olivia: a lot going on. our twitter question of the day. what do you think you can make some money? "always bet on the underdog. i'm going with pacquiao." " my money is on mayweather. pacquiao is going down in one." tom: who is going to win? eben: put your money on mayweather. undefeated, looked better recently. tom: we continue? olivia: "whatever happens, they will be through draft. kings." tom: that is the new technology. eben: fantasy sports of the future. you pick players and get point how they do. this is the daily brand. you make money doing it. tom: ever see anything like this? eben: this is something i haven't seen. s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)